Margaret Fox

Decision Support Analyst
BA, Linguistics

Margaret is responsible for providing analysis of key drivers in the School to support the decision making of the Dean and Senior Associate Deans. She serves as the expert in cross-functional reports that consolidate information from facilities, faculty, finance, human resources, sponsored research, and student data sources. She is collaborating with H&S IT to build an H&S historical database of summarized data from a cross section of data sources to facilitate rapid and consistent analysis. She also liaises with Institutional Research and Decision Support (IR&DS) to ensure that her reports are consistent with the data and reports they provide. She maintains the H&S organizational structure in the Budget Office Admin Org Code Hierarchy file. She also assists with other Planning Team, H&S Dean’s Office, and University projects.


(650) 736-0588
Building 1, Second Floor, Room 218

Office Hours

Monday - Friday 9:00am-6:00pm

Ask me about

Cross-functional Reporting
H&S Reporting Database Design and Maintenace
HSBI Faculty Dashboard Reports
Organization Hierarchy
Adhoc Reporting