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Data Packet

School of Humanities & Sciences Departmental External Review Data Packet


The list below suggests items that all departments will consider in the course of their Self-Study and should supply to reviewers; departments may add additional materials to support the analysis of specific issues. To ensure that a complete set of data is provided to the reviewers, the planning team is committed to working directly with the departments to provide all required data.

  • Faculty Data 
    • Faculty roster with research areas
    • Faculty arrivals and departures
    • Faculty awards, honors, academy memberships or other indications of national recognition
    • Please ask your faculty to update their Stanford Faculty Profile ( during the fall semester, as this will be a useful site during the review process
  • Teaching 
    • Courses enrollments
  • Research
    • Grant activity: proposals & awards
  • Graduate Education 
    • Admissions 
      • Application offer selectivity and yield
      • GRE and TOEFL scores (Recent Applicant Population)
      • Applicant diversity profile
    • Graduate program description and requirements
    • Graduate student placement data, last 5 years
    • Dissertations by advisor (date, student, advisor, dissertation title), last 5 years
    • Graduate student grant funding – Fellowship awards, Training Grants
    • Size of graduate student groups per faculty member
  • Undergraduate Education
    • Undergraduate enrollments over time
    • Courses offered
    • Completed majors by ethnicity and gender
    • Multiple majors
    • Senior Survey description and results
    • Undergraduate major description(s) and requirements
    • Undergraduate advising (freshman, sophomore, major), last 5 years
  • Department Information
    • Mission statement (if available)
    • Description of departmental approach to assessing faculty teaching excellence and research productivity
      • (Not Required)Departments are welcome to provide:
        • Comparative data (with department-identified peers) on department size, teaching load, research productivity, and other metrics
        • Peer program information: if the department has data on peer programs that would support the self-study, please include it